lundi 16 avril 2007

Assignement #5

  • I liked to do this project. For the first time, I realized that it’s easier to listen a t.v. show in English and after to do a text than listen a t.v. show in French and try to translate this in English later. When I listen a t.v. show in English, I pay attention to comment and the way that the announcer does his sentence. I chose to listen How It’s Made on Discovery channel. The pictures help me to understand the announcer’s sentence. Sometime, I don’t understand the pronunciation in English. I know the word, I know what the word mean but I can’t recognize the word because of the way that the peoples speak. Now, I usually to listen How It’s Made on Discovery channel. I don’t understand everything but, I think that it’s can be useful.

mardi 20 mars 2007

assignement #4 Shopping car

Shopping car Assignement #4

This week, the show was about shopping cars. To began the process, they used many different diameters of wires. They placed wires on a template and they spotwelded them together. After, they bent the wires to give a basket shape. Workers trimmed up excess wire. For the next step, a worker made the frame from one thick tube. The worker placed the very long tube on the bending machine. The machine is programmed to bend the right side first. After, he changed the dide of the tube and the machine bent the left side. They washed the metal in a special acid mix and they applied a nickel and chrome finishing coat. They installed wheels to the chassi and the basket came next. They printed a warning on a plastic panel on the baby seat. The handle went last. The shopping car were ready to be sent to supermarket.

mardi 20 février 2007

How to make button

This week, the show was about button (for clothe). To begin the process, they put a great
quantity of small plastic balls into a machine. This machine melted these plastic balls to
make long round plastic bars of 3 /4 inch in diameter by 6 feets in length. The next step was
to cut these bars to make many round parts of 1/8 inch in length. After that, they sent these
small parts in a press to give the final shape of the buttons. When the button came out, the
stamping is done also. They just had to drill two or four holes to finish the button.

105 words

mardi 6 février 2007

I like to watch How It's it made on the Discovery channel. I like this t.v. show because they speak about mechanics and devices that companies use to make different procucts. They speak about products made in the province of Quebec and in Ontario. I think that it's a good t.v. show because they speak slowly and the t.v. is a good visual support. They show from primary material to a finished product, ready to be sold and used. If a machine is too fast and we can’t see how the machine works, they will slow down the machine just for the show. After, they will restart the machine at the normal rate. Often, it’s unbelievable to see how some machines can be accurate and fast!